1980-MAR-17 Compilation of the proposals submitted by HVA, HA II, HA VI, HA IX and HA XX MfS concerning the build-up and deepening of the multilateral cooperation of Soviet Block security services [language: GERMAN, BStU ZAIG 5166]

The compilation, prepared in ZAIG MfS, covers the proposals submitted by HVA (foreign intelligence), HA II (counterintelligence), HA VI (border control), HA IX (investigation branch) and HA XX (supervision of civil service, culture, churches and illegal organizations).

The document consist of four points: 1. Which level the cooperation has reached ? What has proven itself?; 2. What are the reasons making the further widening and deepening of cooperation necessary?; 3. Proposals for the deepening and widening of cooperation on the multilateral level; 4. Proposals for the deepening and widening of the cooperation on the bilateral level.

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