1979-AUG-31 Invitation from Y. Andropov, addditional notes [language: GERMAN; BStU ZAIG 5167]

The translation of Yuri Andropov's (KGB chairman) letter to Erich Mielke (GDR minister of state's security) inviting for the conference concerning "political-ideological diversion by imperialist states" in Moscow in March 1980. The attachments: translation of the instructions concerning the participation in conference; points for the answering letter.

The invitation letter briefly mentions the conferences concerning 'political-ideological diversion' in Havana in 1974 and Budapest in 1977, and reminds that according to the Budapest conference arrangements, the next should be organised in Moscow in 1979. Due to the unmentioned actual occurences, the Soviet side proposes to meet in March 1980. Among invited were representations of Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, GDR, Mongolia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Cuba. The "ensuring of the security during the closing of preparations of the Olympic Games in Moscow" was pointed as supposed theme of conference.

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